About me

Hello, my name is Judith Herrera.

I believe in love, energy, joy.

I believe that acting from love everything is easier. We act lighter, calmer and more peaceful. Sometimes we just have to let go of control and fear to let ourselves flow.

Talking about love is easy. The interesting thing is to feel it, to give it to ourselves. That space of tranquillity, of joy, of being who we are, of accepting ourselves happily as we are, of speaking nicely to ourselves, of being patient with ourselves.

Life is a great teacher and everything comes at the perfect moment. There are positive or negative experiences that in perspective are necessary for our growth, to help us to be who we are now.

This is my story:

I was born in Mexico. I have lived in Mexico, Belgium, China and Germany (I speak Spanish, English, a bit of Dutch and German. I have forgotten the Chinese).

I have 2 Master's degrees, Finance and China-Europe Business and I have worked for companies in the area of financial analysis and controlling.

I followed the Usui Reiki courses in 2006. Shodem, first level. Okuden, second level and Shinpiden, third level.

Reiki found me, a loving energy that has been part of many changes in my life.

I learned with Reiki that self-love brings about amazing changes around us and that the right people come to us as you move forward on the inner path.

I have followed courses in meditation, chakra therapy, emotions and Reiki for animals, among others.

I am a health practitioner (BFG) and a member of the German professional association Deutsche Gesellschaft für alternative Medizin (DGAM) and ProReiki.

On my journey through life I accepted (it took me some time) that besides analysis and numbers I also like to work with people and be part of their process of finding themselves again.

All of us, inhabitants of Mother Earth (people, animals, plants), are very important. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, have an impact on our surroundings and there is always something to say, a wound to heal, an experience to tell, a helping hand to give or receive, an attentive listening to offer.

I invite you to take Reiki and enjoy the experience. If you already know it, you know what I am talking about, moments of joy, peace, tranquillity. If you have not yet experienced it, I invite you to do so. Give yourself that opportunity, an experience that connects you with your inner self.

We should also remember our pets or animals in general, they play an important role in our lives. They have emotions and feelings just like us and need love and affection just like us. They deserve also moments of rest, relaxation and love. It is another way to give these loving living beings a better quality of life. Animals are great role models in how to teach someone unconditional love.