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Everything is energy.

We are energy, we are made up of atoms which are made up of: protons, neutrons and electrons. Pure energy.

Al ser el Reiki is a loving energy. We can send Reiki online, which means that we do not necessarily have to be in the same room. Therefore we can connect wherever you are in the world.

A Reiki online session

What does an online Reiki session look like?

You can take Reiki from the comfort of your home, in nature or even your office with the door closed. You can sit or lie down in a quiet place (you can light a candle) and be where you know no one can interrupt you. Unplug the phone.

Online Reiki works as effectively as a 1:1 treatment.

In a Reiki session the most important thing is: to trust the person who will give you Reiki. The best time is when you feel at ease and all your questions and doubts about what you think or feel are answered.

A Reiki online session


We will make an appointment and will be connected via Zoom or Google Meet at all times. It is recommended to be dressed as relaxed as possible, removing jewellery.


Once you have chosen a comfortable place to take the session, your bed, a sofa, in nature we will start the session. Just breathe and relax (remember to have something to cover yourself with in case you feel cold).


At the beginning we will have a short conversation and a little meditation. You don't need to think about anything special, we will let the energy flow freely, slowly giving way to a deep silence, relaxing to the soft music I will play for you.


If thoughts come to your mind, let them pass like clouds floating in the sky. Concentrate on the music, on inhaling and exhaling and enjoy the session.


When the session is over I will let you know, gently telling you that it is time to slowly come back to the here and now and we will have a little chat to find out how you are doing and how you feel after the session.

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Online Reiki Sessions with Judith Herrera Gomez

Reiki works on the energy body, where the chakras are located.

The chakras are called the wheels of life. They are energy centres that balance our energy body.

Each chakra is related to the glandular system through a feeling or emotion. If a chakra is not aligned, an organ does not function properly and it results in a disease.

The idea is to try to have balanced chakras. Reiki helps to activate and balance our chakras.

In ancient texts it is said that we have more than 88,000 chakras, but it is true that mainly seven are recognised. Five in the trunk of the body and 2 in the top of the head.

The Chakras

The chakras have a name, a colour, an element, a musical note (sound), a mantra and are located in a part of our body. From bottom to top they are:

Sensations in a Reiki session

When you take a Reiki session you may feel: nothing, warmth, tingling, a lot of love and containment, even total relaxation.

You should know that there is no right or wrong. What is true is that no matter what you feel, the Reiki energy is always working to balance and harmonise your body in a holistic way.

After the treatment you may experience a feeling of peace, joy and/or total relaxation.

The healing crisis

After Reiki sessions you may go through a cleansing process, a healing crisis, which means that your body starts to release/unblock.

You may feel like crying for no reason, have diarrhoea, feeling tired, among others.

The most important thing is to pamper yourself during this process, as it is temporary, usually lasting 1 to 3 days. It is only an indication that the body is getting used to the energy received.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water and rest.

Remember you won't be alone, you can always count on me in case you need to talk.

How many Reiki sessions can I take?

It is advisable when you start taking Reiki to take four sessions in a row for four consecutive days to get used to the energy, but this is not a rule. It depends on how you feel and how much time you have available. It could be once a week for four weeks.

In general after the first four sessions you can take one session a month or twice a month, depending on how much you enjoy it and how you feel.

You are always welcome.

Reiki sessions

La práctica presencial de Reiki tiene lugar en los alrededores de Friburgo de Brisgovia en Baden-Wurttemberg, Alemania: Horben, Günterstal, Wiehre, Altstadt, Stühlinger.

Once an appointment has been made, I will come to your home address.

All you need is a comfortable place to take the session, your bed or a sofa and to be dressed as relaxed as possible, without jewellery (watch, rings, necklace...).

Sending Reiki

If you know a person you would like to send, Reiki just fill out the form below with the person's name and intention. If you know their date of birth and full name it is better.

On the first and third Monday of the month at 19:00 hours Central Europe, 12:00 hours Mexico we will send Reiki to all those who need it and for your own needs.

You can join us wherever you are for 5 minutes in silence, sending light, love, a prayer for our intentions.

When we are united in love we always make the world more joyful and human.

Sending Reiki

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