Contract of adhesion

1. General Conditions. Scope of application.

Judith Herrera Gómez performs Reiki treatments and distance Reiki treatments in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. These conditions are considered accepted by the client (hereinafter also referred to as client) at the moment of commissioning. Judith Herrera Gómez does not recognise conditions of the client that conflict with or deviate from these conditions. Even if Judith Herrera Gomez enters into contracts without reservation in the knowledge of conflicting or deviating conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of Judith Herrera Gomez will apply exclusively. Other agreements are only binding for Judith Herrera Gomez if they are confirmed in writing by Judith Herrera Gomez.

2. Offers, rates, terms of payment.

Offers are subject to change. Changes are without prior notice. For Reiki treatments the fees published on the website will be charged. As long as there is no written confirmation of the costs from another body, the client is considered to be responsible for the fees. Unless otherwise agreed, the fee is payable prior to the treatment.

The fee for Reiki and Reiki online treatments offered by Judith Herrera Gómez must be paid in full in advance.

Participation in the treatments is at the participant's own risk. In case the participant has any doubts about his/her health, please consult a doctor immediately.

3. Cancellation / revocation / cancellation.

Cancellation of a face-to-face and/or online appointment

Agreed appointments are usually binding. The time and place of treatment are agreed upon by both parties. The client is obliged to be punctual for all sessions. Cancellation or rescheduling of sessions is possible free of charge up to 2 working days before the appointment at the latest.

After this date, the fee will be charged at 50%. In case of cancellation or postponement on the day of the treatment, as well as in case of no-show, the full cancellation fee will be charged.

In case of late cancellation, the deposit paid by the participant will be retained. The remaining amount, if already paid by the participant and cancelled in time, will be rescheduled or transferred back to the participant by Judith Herrera Gómez.

4. Cases of force majeure and other impediments to performance.

Judith Herrera Gómez is entitled to postpone agreed dates in case of force majeure, which also includes impediments to performance due to illness, accident or similar. In this case, Judith Herrera Gómez will inform the client as soon as possible and offer an alternative date.

5. Insurance coverage.

Each client is fully responsible for himself/herself and his/her actions in and out of the Reiki treatments and is liable for any damage caused. Reiki treatments are not psychotherapy and cannot replace psychotherapy. Reiki is neither a cure nor a substitute for a visit to a doctor. Participation requires normal mental and physical endurance. Judith Herrera Gomez accepts no liability for late damage or initial aggravation after a treatment.

The organiser of the treatments is always the client. Therefore, participants are not covered by the insurance of Judith Herrera Gomez.

6. Liability.

The activity of Judith Herrera Gómez is purely a service activity so there is no question of success or failure. Liability is excluded.

The dispatch or electronic transmission of any data is at the risk of the client.

By using this website and purchasing services, you agree that Judith Herrera Gómez is not responsible for your success or failure through the service purchased.

7. Confidentiality.

Judith Herrera Gomez undertakes to maintain confidentiality towards third parties about all operational, business and private matters of the client that become known in the course of the activity, even after the termination of the contract.

8. Obligation of the client to cooperate.

The service is based on conversations or writings between the parties. Reiki treatments are based on co-operation and mutual trust. Reiki treatments are a free, active and self-responsible process and certain results cannot be guaranteed. Judith Herrera Gómez stands by the client as a process guide and support for decisions and changes - the actual change work is done by the client. The client should therefore be willing and open to deal with him/herself and his/her situation.

9. Final clause.

In case individual stipulations of the contract with the customer, including these General Terms and Conditions, should be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining stipulations. The wholly or partly invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision whose economic success comes as close as possible to that of the invalid disposition.