Reiki al Natural

With Judith Herrera

Welcome to Reiki al Natural, a place of balance, peace and well-being.

We are here on Mother Earth to be happy, to love, to create. Therefore the reason why and for which we are here is LOVE.

We are a wonderful spark of light. This Universe would not be the same If you were not here. You are very important just as you are.

Love starts with ourselves. Our nature is love, balance, health. If I love myself, I love others. From joy and happiness comes the most beautiful thing about people.

Love is joy. What prevents us from experiencing joy is when we do not want to lose control around us. When we let go, when we flow, everything falls into place. We live in well-being, vitality, balance. Reiki is the energy of love, and helps us to experience this.

You have to let go of all mental resistance. You relax physically level. You mentally stop trying to solve things. On an emotional level you let go of grudges and resentments in order to feel love, you forgive. When we truly let go we feel the power of the Universe and everything falls into place. 

All things that move vibrate, at a high or low frequency. At higher vibration levels you feel lighter and enter into synchronisation with what you think, feel and do. You are in harmony and balance with the Universe.

We have to keep our vibration up and one way to do this is through the love of Reiki energy. It is a way to balance, to remove blocks, to live in wellbeing and peace. 

Fall in love with yourself and your life, live with meaning!! Because when you live with meaning life spoils you. =)